January 19, 2016 in PNASSeparable roles for Mycobacterium tuberculosis ESX-3 effectors in iron acquisition and virulence

Describes the ESX-3 type VII secretion system's role in iron acquisition in M. tuberculosis

August 4, 2016 in JCI InsightHSV-2 ΔgD elicits FcγR-effector antibodies that protect against clinical isolates

Describes the how vaccine vector HSV ΔgD completely protects against highly virulent clinical isolates of HSV-1 and HSV-2

September 26, 2016 in J. BacteriolFluorescent Reporter DS6A Mycobacteriophages Reveal Unique Variations in Infectibility and Phage Production in Mycobacteria

Describes the DS6A reporter phage that uniquely plaques to M. tuberculosis. This is the PhD Thesis paper for Dr. Oren Meyer!

October 25, 2016 in mBioDual-Reporter Mycobacteriophages (Φ2DRMs) Reveal Preexisting Mycobacterium tuberculosis Persistent Cells in Human Sputum

Describes the development of dual-reporter mycobacteriophages that cause a culture of M. tuberculosis to glow green inititally and glow red when entering a persister state.